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Why International Students Want to Study in the US

Why do millions of international students choose to study in the US, the world’s most popular destination for studying abroad?

➡️ With more than one million international students, the United States is the world’s most popular destination for studying abroad. Here are the top reasons to study in the US, including why international students choose to study in the US, why you might choose the US for study, and how higher studies in the US can help achieve your goals.

Why Do Students Choose to Study in the US?

Every student has their own reason and motivation for choosing the US to pursue their degree, and many are linked to the benefits international students can experience while living and studying in the US. Approximately half of the best global universities are located in the USA, according to U.S. News & World Report. From undergraduate studies to PhD-level programs, universities in the US offer top-ranked academic opportunities across all disciplines. In the US, you can choose from more than 5,000 higher education institutions. Every university is unique and has something special to offer, from first-class academics to international-friendly studies programs. Another strong advantage to US universities is flexibility around selecting your major, as it gives you the opportunity to explore your interests before fully committing to an academic degree program. Whether you want to enroll in a specific major at the start of your studies or begin as an undeclared major, US universities give you the time and space to make your choice.

Additionally, US universities and college programs offer general education courses that allow you to take a wide variety of courses and gain exposure to different specializations. Many university programs also enable students to explore multiple academic subjects, while still earning credits, through electives. With its wide variety of cultures, university choices, degree options, lifestyles, and cities, the US offers unparalleled benefits for all types of students, no matter where you are from or which major you choose.

Benefits of Studying in the US

A US university degree covers outstanding academics, of course, but also personal and professional growth, too. International students in the US benefit from: 

  1. Real-world working experience
  2. Career prospects
  3. Cutting-edge facilities
  4. Multicultural experiences 

Studying at a US university or college gives you the chance to pursue a world-class degree in a flexible learning environment that helps you work toward your goals.

Top Rank US Universities

Most Popular University of USA

US institutions also give you the chance to learn from industry experts. Your professors will often be active researchers or innovators in the field they teach, giving you a valuable source of first-hand expertise. Connecting with your professors expands your professional network and can help you find a long-term job. These lifelong connections are a strong motivation for why international students choose to study in the US.

  • Rich Cultural Diversity
  • Make Friends from Around the World
  • Wide Variety of Subjects to Major In
  • Vibrant Student Lifestyle
  • Experience American Culture Firsthand
  • Enjoy Being Independent and Self Reliant
  • Engaging Professors and Faculty
  • Inherit the Prestige of an American Degree
  • Participate in Groundbreaking Research
  • Exceptional Support System for International Students
  • Launch a Successful Career After Graduating


Cost of Attending University in the United States

The United States has both public and private universities, with tuition fees being the primary expense for higher education. Public or State Universities have cheaper tuition rates than Private Universities. Higher education costs will also vary according to the degree pursued, and the institution attended.

Let’s look at the tuition fee structure in the USA to get a clear picture of what an aspiring international student aiming to study in the US should be ready for in terms of finances.

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

One of the highest and initial costs of studying in the USA is tuition. The cost of study in the USA varies depending on several variables, including the course taken, the kind of degree program, the type of university, etc.

The following table gives you a range of the cost to study in Public US Universities as per the degree you choose:

Programs Cost
Bachelor in US 8,000 - 35,000 USD /year
Masters in US 10,000 - 35,000 USD /year

Tuition Fees at Private Universities

Compared to Public Universities, private universities have higher tuition fees but note that they are worth every penny. Tuition fees are the same for all students (for native as well as international students).

The following table gives you a range of the cost to study in Private US Universities as per the degree you choose:

Programs Cost
Bachelor in US 25,000 - 50,000 USD /year
Masters in US 22,000 - 55,000 USD /yearr

Scholarships for the Higher Education in the US

The government of the USA and many US universities offer a scholarships to international students based on merit, need, sports, and sometimes extra-curricular excellence as well. Students can apply for the best scholarships based on their eligibility. In these Scholarships, the most accrued costs like tuition, living expenses, etc. are covered. Students should also know that all these scholarships are quite competitive.

Living Cost

The average cost of living in the United States is roughly $1,500 per month or $10,000 per year. This includes your lodging, meals, transportation, publications, apparel suited for the season, and leisure activities. Let’s look at the living costs and expenses in the USA:

Living Items Cost
Books and Study Stationery $900 - $2,000/year
Travel $300 - $700 /year
Accommodation $9,800 - $11,100 /year
Electricity $100 - $150 /month
Food On Campus: $250 /month
Off-Campus: $400 - $600/ month
Phone Subscription $50/ month
Home Internet $45 - $50/ month
Health Insurance $700 - $1,100/ year
Clothes $500/ year
Water, Trash, and Sewer $50 - $75/ month

Now that you know the top reasons to study in the US, it might be time to ask yourself: “Should I study in the US?”

No matter your goals or ambition in life, pursuing your higher studies in the US allows you to work toward the career and life of your dreams.

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