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I’m Rtn. Abdullah Al Numan, I believe that students from developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, often referred to as the Third World, should pursue higher education abroad and, upon completing their studies, return to our countries to contribute to their development. This way, students can enhance the progress of our nations and neighboring developing countries. For this reason, I believe those who have the capability and competence should definitely pursue higher education abroad, and I encourage them to do so. I have been working in the field of international studies for the past years. Many students, after completing their graduation from prestigious universities worldwide, have established themselves and some have returned to their home countries, working in reputable institutions.


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Global Education Care Bangladesh Ltd is here to make your college experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We do this by providing information on all the best schools, which will help you find one that fits what’s important to YOU! ABOUT US our philosophy begins with putting students first in mind. Therefore, our counselors...

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I am Abdullah Al Numan, founder and CEO of Global Education Care Ltd (UK). This is a very popular student consultancy in Sylhet And Dhaka. We can work ONLINE base. We collaborate with students from the South Asian region, including Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and this is familiar for those who want to go abroad for higher education…So, You can apply via ONLINE application (Apply Here) if you wish. We are always open…

Rtn. Abdullah Al Numan


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+880 1753-111777 or numan@gecare.co.uk

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In last year we got 400+ USA visa and significant amount of Canada , Australia visa. So, 2023 is most efficient year for Education Care .